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New clothes - make me happy

Link to coat on Norwegian HM website

I bought myself a brand new, bright red coat at H&M yesterday. I LOVE IT. It’s made from cotton and polyester, has large black buttons and it’s not very warm. With a woolen cardigan or sweater inside though, it’s perfect for late fall, early spring. Without sweater it’s perfect for late spring early fall. And I will use it for years, unless the seams rip or something.

The picture shows the black since the website didn’t have the red one available.

I also got: 15 pairs of socks in different colours since all the ones I had were holey. Three briefs. A yellow sweatshirt/hoodie, shown in a lovely purple here. I kind of want that one too, but I prefer sweatshirts without hoods, so one is enough.

Link to hoodie on Norwegian HM website.

Last of all, I bought a lovely linen dress at a thrift store, only to find that it’s dry clean only. Fuck. I think I’ll try to wash it by hand even so. I mean, the lining is some kind of polyester or rayon, and the fabric is either 100% linen or linen mixed with some kind of shiny synthetic, so it can’t be that bad. Maybe it’ll wrinkle a little, but that’s what irons are for.

  1. alphacuddles said: DAT COAT. I want one too, in red :c Or navy blue. Or even tan (what do you mean exactly like Castiel’s coat I do not understand what >_>). OR GREEN. Or black. Look, I just love trenchcoats okay.
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